I have always loved to write, anything, journal entries to purge my busy mind, fiction to create something from nothing, technical reports for school and even a little porn, to see how my style differed from what was already out there. In college I had a writing teacher that encouraged my voice and ruined me for all other writing instructors because I would take a lower grade rather than change something they saw as wrong.

Now I am older, I have some free time, I have the desire. But the words, the ideas, the stimulus just isn’t there like it used to be. Of course if I took the time to foster my desire I believe my brain would be on board again. So, my intention is to blog about something, anything once a week starting with the new year. I seem to do best with a fresh start in mind and some time to fire myself up. I have started reading more blogs to get myself going……..found some I really enjoy to follow.

I will write.

So there it is…….